Plastic Waste to Wealth at Summer Camp, 2019!

Plastic Waste to Wealth at Summer Camp, 2019!

July 26, 2019 Recycling Skill Summer 1

Sharon likes to keep and play with plastic treasure! What a special girl!!! 
Mummy scolds her several times for not throwing plastic containers away! Daddy thinks there could be something positive coming from Sharon’s love for plastic. You can hear them arguing every day about Sharon.

Sharon’s class teacher noticed her habit and encouraged her dad to check the CreativeEcoStudio Summer Camp!

Sharon’s Dad couldn’t contain his excitement! The perfect opportunity had just shown up on their doorstep. “We can finally turn our girl into a wealth of ideas and creativity!!” he exclaimed.

Sharon is attending the summer camp. 
She will learn how to recycle waste products. She will soon have so much to do with a plastic and will be the pride of her school and family.

Do you have a child that’s like Sharon? Let’s help her become an amazon of ideas. Children can turn waste to wealth by learning and having fun with their friends!

The CreativeEcoStudio Summer camp teaches:
1. how to recycle and up-cycle waste; 
2. Turn waste to wealth for themselves;
3. Make the world a better place. 
4. Learn personal development, crafts, art, and decor.

You can register to attend any camp in Ibadan. There are 10 Campsites and 10 dates to attend. From 8am- 4pm. You can’t miss this one. Click this link to register as a child or as a school.


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