Let Your Kids Have fun While learning this Summer

Let Your Kids Have fun While learning this Summer

July 15, 2019 Environment Events Recycling Uncategorized Waste 0

It’s that time of the year again! Holidays are tough times! But we got plans for you!!

You don’t have to spend all summer screaming at the little kids. Bring them to camp!!!

For a person like Mrs. Robinson, who was always worried about her children playing around the estate, life is much easier now. She usually sends her three children to their grandma at Ibadan.

The children didn’t really like Ibadan. But the reason was simple! They have not been to the best summer camp ever!!

The last holiday was different from every other one, one of grandma’s tenant, who is a fine art teacher at the community school took the kids to a summer camp. A camp where children learn:

1. how to recycle and up-cycle waste;

2. Turn waste to wealth for themselves;

3. Make the world a better place.

4. Learn personal development, crafts, art, and decor.

The kids now look forward to their holidays!!

Rather than throw away bottles, and plastics, they make fun little things to decorate and beautify the house. Mrs. Robinson is now a proud mommy. Holidays are no longer a headache! They are opportunities for children to learn while having fun!

You can register to attend any camp in Ibadan. There are 10 Campsites and 10 dates to attend. From 8am- 4pm. You can’t miss this one. Register in the form below:


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