Our Mission

To create a Sustainable World without Waste

About Us

We are into waste recycling and environmental designs. We create and innovate new ways to reuse plastics,nylons,bottles, tyres, papers, dead plants,bamboo scrap fabrics, food wastes, old wood, and other wastes into functional interior and exterior products that are durable and cheaper. We produce products like tyre ottomans, mirrors, wall arts, handmade rugs,handmade cards, flower pots and vases, slippers and shoes made from waste, etc
We also organise workshops and trainings for children in schools and out of schools, adults, workers, organisations, camps and churches. We teach them on how to manage their wastes and create sustainable products from their everyday generated wastes.
We have another part where we build home garden and sack organic gardens for families at their homes so they can eat healthy and live a longer healthier life.